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Airline tickets

East Sea Travel & Air Service provides ticketing services for many airlines around the world through ticket offices and online systems. We also provide services for companies who want to cooperate with us to become Agents


East Sea Travel & Air Service provides travel services from Europe to Vietnam and opposite. Customers can consider our travel services via the website or contact any of our branches directly for advice about tours which are suitable to your needs.
16 days/ 14 nights
Exploring the land of endless colors and flavors, you will have the opportunity to experience numerous attractive destinations from the Capital Hanoi to Saigon. Hanoi, our 1st destination is famous for its 4000 year old ancient monuments and cultural charm. Followed by many breath taking beaches and exotic tropical foods across the central region of Vietnam from Hue to Da Nang, Hoi An, Nha Trang and Phan Thiet. Finally, you will surely enjoy Saigon the biggest city of Vietnam with its modern vibes and magical historical blend.
Praha - Cam Ranh
Praha - Cam Ranh
CZK 54.390
Praha - Cam Ranh
CZK 54.390
9 days/ 7 nights (1 person - Deluxe room)
Departure from Praha - Czech Republic, you will spend 7 days exploring the world class bay of Nha Trang. You also experience the outstanding 5 star resort - The Anam Cam Ranh - gateway to the south - central coastline of Vietnam.
Praha - Mui Ne
Praha - Mui Ne
CZK 52.640
Praha - Mui Ne
CZK 52.640
9 days/ 7 nights (1 person - Deluxe room)
Departure from Praha - Czech Republic, Customers will have a wonderful 7 days exploring the beautiful beaches of Phan Thiet. You will experience the luxurious 5 stars resort The Anam Mui Ne with extraordinary Indochinese Architecture.


East Sea Travel & Air Service provides hotel booking services to customers through "Global Hotel Service Provider" partners. The Anam luxury resorts belonging to the East Sea Group are also wonderful destinations.
Set along the south-central coastline of Vietnam, the idyllic bay of Cam Ranh features pristine stretches of white sand and turquoise waters. It is perfect for laid-back barefoot luxurious travelers, who also appreciate luxury.
Once a part of the Kingdom of Champa, the centuries-old town of Mui Ne, located in southeast Vietnam, boasting a sprawling golden coastline with panoramic ocean views.
Under construction, to be updated soon.

About East Sea Travel & Air Service

“We are one of the leading groups providing reputable, travel services to the European and Vietnamese markets.”
Management Board & Company's history
The members of the Management Board of East Sea Travel Group have significant experience over many years in the field of travel and air services.

They are the core that creates the sustainable and strong development of the Company.

In 1995, the first East Sea office was established in the Czech Republic.

After nearly 30 years of operation, we have added numerous branches in 9 countries in Europe & Asia.
Why choosing us?
Nearly 30 years of experience

Air ticket, travel service, hotels with affordable & special offers

24/7 hotline

Experienced & enthusiastic team
Customers service
24/7 customer service

Always ready to modify client bookings such as date or route changes

In case the flight is cancelled for whatever reason, we are here to help (refunds too).

For any problems such as delayed luggages, late connecting flights..., we are alway here to provide support.

News & Promotion

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January 17, 2024
Trong những năm trở lại đây, Việt Nam đã được nhiều tạp chí du lịch quốc tế xếp vào Top những đất nước nên ghé thăm trên thế giới. Bạn có thể khám phá những cảnh đẹp, văn hoá, ẩm thực mang đậm nét đẹp truyền thông của Á Đông...
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January 14, 2024
Bí kíp du lịch Châu Âu
Mình nhớ cách đây gần 10 năm về trước khi mình lần đầu tiên đi du lịch Châu Âu tự túc, mọi thứ khá mới mẻ và mình cùng đám bạn vẫn loay hoay tìm kiếm mọi thứ vừa trải nghiệm vừa ăn uống vừa chỗ ở sao cho gói gọn trong ba từ "Tiết kiệm nhất". Sau chuyến đi đó mình ...
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